Dear All,

Please have a look at these pictures very carefully…

The mother is 29 years old her baby girl by the name of “Manuela” has a very rare disease and she needs to have an operation done.

But her parents are really helpless right now and they can not afford to pay the total monies for the operation at this moment.

That is why….we ask your help to save the valued life of this little baby angel please.

NO NEED to send money…..Just to forward this to as many as your friends you can.

When you send/forward this to at least five (05) people….she will get 32 cents per e-mail.

So, Please have a heart and help this innocent family.

We all get-together & start to make our contribution to save the life of this lovely sweet little angel baby girl, Manuela……!

Dont know when we will be in need of others to help us.

God Bless you all……

Thanks & Best Regards,